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“Friendship + Work = Collaboration” - Maceo Paisley


Tao Of Maceo for Organizations

Are you an leader who wants to take an embodied experiential approach to helping teams understand what is important to them both professionaly and personally, and how to put this understanding to use in creative collaborations and conflicts?

Tao Of Maceo was written with teams in mind, and can be used as course supplement to help frame one of the fundamental elements of learning. Self-Awareness.

While suitable for high school students of all grades, it could be most productive for upper level students and can support, the development of leadership, creativity, collaboration, critical thinking, inclusion, emotional intelligence, healthy relationships, social justice and more. Their identity and experiences can be applied to the outside world in a way that sharpens their thinking and trust in themselves.

“Tao of Maceo is an inspired and rigorous take on work and living that is an example of the kind of book everyone should write in their own way.”
-Eva Goicochea, CEO of maude

The paperback comes with a resource guide designed specifically for teams to use. The exercises and anecdotes will help deepen the learning by incorporating movement and dialogue in the lessons, and additional content for reference.

You Get:
Tao Of Maceo Paperback at 20% off
Organizational Resource Companion
Links To Additional Content/Conversation Starters

Great addition for these developmental areas:
Conflict Mitigation

Price: Retail - $15 Education & Non-Profit - $12
Page Count: 140 
Non-Fiction / Self-Help / Philosophy


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