These are recent projects that fulfill my passions and stimulate my interest in the world.


Tao Of Maceo: Identity, Relationship & Work (2019)

Non-fiction book and live performance that incorporates dance, philosophy, spoken word and comedic performance to unpack personal narratives and ideas around living a “better” life.


BREAKING MANHOOD @ PAM Residencies (2018)

Breaking Manhood is a performance art piece that challenges the mythology of gender through movement, spoken word, song and social practice.

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Dynamite FILM(2019)

This film guides us through his narrative incorporating movement, spoken word, and chant, as he/they/we uncover truths about  themselves in relation to race, gender, and success in an ever-changing social landscape.


Line Steppers @ Marciano Foundation w/ Katie Malia (2018)

Line Steppers, a performance by Maceo Paisley and Katie Malia, unfolds within Albert Oehlen/Peppi Bottrop: Line Packers”. Paisley and Malia’s navigation of a social space in the gallery adds a layer of commentary on technology and humanity in labor and progress.


Social Structures @ LAND Wild Art Party(2018)

Using everyday objects this performance explores social constructs through the creation of abstract sculptures that include his body. Using balance, force, leverage, and soft power these physical metaphors illustrate the mechanical nature of the social paradigms we often feel trapped within.


Note To Self: Emotional Networking (2017)

Combining the fields  of psychology, mathematics, performance art, and economics participants in this social experiment come to terms with how their decisions are effected by their mood as a means of developing emotional intelligence.